November 24, 2021

25 years of impact

Since its inception in 1996, Tiger Woods’ nonprofit, TGR Foundation, has been committed to empowering youth through education.

Now in its 25th anniversary year, TGR foundation has served more than 2 million students and is building on its success.

At the heart of TGR Foundation is Woods’ TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California. Built in 2006 as a safe space for students to learn and explore, the innovative hub offers STEM courses, college-access programs, teacher training and career exploration programs. These programs allow students to discover their passions, deepen their knowledge and transform their lives.

“TGR Foundation is passionate about serving youth from underserved communities and helping create long-term impact for students and their families,” said Gordon McNeill, President and CEO. “Jobs of the future are continuing to change and it’s up to us to give kids the education, the tools and the skills necessary to be successful.”


As students participate in education programs at the flagship TGR Learning Lab and satellite sites across the country, they begin developing stackable skills and gain exposure to modern careers as early as 5th grade. These skills and interests are strengthened with access to more than 200 in-person and digital courses.



As an electrician, contractor and business owner, José Valdez’s path to success was not tied to college but rather finding his passion and developing his skills.

TGR Foundation changed my life in every aspect yet helping me become a professional resonates the most. The STEM and hands-on programs helped me discover myself and my passion for engineering. Their classes gave me the skills I needed to do what I do today, which is run my own construction business.


To expand its reach to students and educators around the world, TGR Foundation, in partnership with Discovery Education, developed its free digital platform, With over 100 no-cost resources, the award-winning site offers interactive experiences, lesson plans, training videos, family design challenges and more.

To further enhance its reach and impact among students, TGR Foundation provides high-quality educator professional development. With workshops and trainings offered year-round, the professional learning program has reached educators from more than 70 countries to date.


Part of the impact the foundation has on its students is the comprehensive support to personal and professional success. Beginning at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim and now offered virtually, TGR Foundation provides workshops on financial aid and the college admissions process for students and families throughout the year to better prepare first generation college students for success.

In 2007, Woods founded the Earl Woods Scholar Program, which accepts high-achieving students from underresourced communities and provides support including one-on-one mentorship, personal and professional development workshops, internship assistance, career planning, mock interviews and coaching throughout their collegiate career. With a 98% graduation rate, the program has a long history of success.


A graduate of The Ohio State University and Penn State University Dickinson Law School, Sarah-Julie Tchokouani, Esq. is currently an Associate Attorney at Mullen Coughlin LLC in Pennsylvania.

Thankfully, through the steadfast support and encouragement of my family, friends and the entire TGR Foundation team, I graduated college with the ideal dilemma of having to choose between two law schools where I had been accepted. The day of my law school graduation was one of the happiest days of my life.


Working to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and workforce, TGR Foundation and its partners will expand resources and support to guide students toward success by matching their passions with their purpose and build tangible pathways through job readiness programs and career certification in the years ahead.

Together with strategic partners, TGR Foundation is furthering its mission to empower youth through education.

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